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Client Services Overview:

AMCS is committed to providing our customers with a full range of services, helping them to become more successful.  In addition to the supply of turnkey plants, we also offer customers a number of support services and technologies. 

AMCS Corporation offers you the ability to tap into the lifetimes of experience and capabilities in the medical and technical industrial gas industry.  The size of your operation does not matter.  Your organization will receive cost effective resources, support, and solutions from AMCS that previously were  only available to companies with large technical staffs. 

Our goal is to increase the profitably of our customers. We provide experience and resources that solve problems that plague the profitability of our customer's plants.

AMCS Offers the Following Services:

Remote Operations Support Center (ROC)

AMCS provides operational and technical support to our customers in real time from our Remote Operations Support Center. As our customer's facilities go on stream, we are there every step of the way, through high speed and secure internet connections, and our capability to provide full operational assistance or simply to advise on operational issues or production optimiazation as required and authorized by our clients.This is just one example of how AMCS leverages technology for our customers to yield cost savings and increases in efficiency.

Most of our clients are either non-Industrial gases customers (Chemical Industry, Oil and Gas, Steel, Petrochemicals, Electronics, etc.) or other industrial gases operators with limited engineering resources. Our world class engineering team is available to provide real time support to their operating staff to ensure that our clients capture the cost savings gained from producing their own industrial gases without concerns for operational support and reliability. AMCS plants are designed with global remote support taken into consideration such that the range of assistance extends beyond operational and engineerings advice to the ability to perform necessary updates and modifications requested and authorized by our clients remotely in a highly secure environment.