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Hundreds of Years of Experience

AMCS Corporation's success is based on creating a team of experts drawn from the best in the industry.  Each member possesses the skill, knowledge and drive to succeed.  Together our team is unmatched in the industry.

At AMCS, our goal is to have the core expertise within our company to ensure the success of each project.  This includes: 

Industrial Gases Technology Expertise.  AMCS staff have patented a number of process designs for industrial gas manufacturing plants.  Our engineers have created many innovations in industrial gases technology.   These engineers enable AMCS to provide the most cost effective standard plants along with the most customer plant solution for its clients.

Recognized Experts

AMCS experts have developed original systems, hold patents, participate on industrial gas safety and standards panels, and are frequent presenters at industry gatherings.  AMCS participates in conferences dealing with industrial gases, energy, pharmaceuticals and gasification, and is affiliated with:

Each opportunity allows our management team to work directly with our customers, bringing their unique skill sets to bear for unparalleled success.